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Google is prioritising mobile friendly websites – and so are we!

With 50% of internet browsing coming from mobile devices, can you afford to be missing out on half of all online traffic?

As well as building dynamic sites with memorable user experiences, we take a mobile first approach, ensuring that the centre of your digital world is optimised for the small screen.

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Your business hub

Your website is your shop window. It’s your business hub and the first place any potential customer will visit. Now, look at your website; what does it say about your brand? How does it compare to your competition?

Be honest with yourself, because your visitors will be.

Conversion rate optimisation

If you have 100 people interacting with your website, how many do you think will choose to take the next step and get in touch?

The great thing with a website is that we can measure this figure. By using analytics, we can find out exactly how many people are visiting your website and how many are converting into customers or leads.

Armed with this knowledge, we can then look at creating an actionable plan which will help towards improving the percentage of visitor conversions.

Tools for improving your website

As a company, we’re hot on science.

In addition to analytics, we use tools which allow us to record every cursor movement, scroll and click.

We also implement persona research, where we uncover the backstories and motivations of your typical customers to determine their likely user journey through your site.

All of this enables us to understand your traffic and address the factors that are impacting your conversion rate.

Mobile first

Mobile is huge. In fact, half of all people now browse the internet on a mobile device.

If your website isn’t built with mobile in mind, you’ll find it difficult to engage with this traffic. Google may soon be using your mobile site to determine your website rankings, so it’s more important than ever to have an adaptable design.

This is why, at Distinct, we take a mobile first approach and ensure that your business hub looks as good on the move as it does on desktop.

Full build, hosting, maintenance and ongoing evaluation

Here at Distinct, we don’t just like to ‘sell and drop.’

We wouldn’t do that with our own website, so we won’t do it with yours.

With that in mind, we offer a full evaluation, build, host and maintenance package. We’ll then look at your website after it’s been constructed to see where we might make further improvements. This will continue periodically.

The needs of your customer base are constantly changing, but thanks to our long-term focus, you will be too.

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